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Gift Certificates - Terms & Conditions

The helicopter certificates are personal and not transferrable. The certificate is valid for 12 months from date of purchase, and the tour must be completed within the same timeframe. You may register booking request for date and time on saturdays between 12 and 16 only., and for the passenger name on the card with email of that same person only. However, the helicopter company has the right to adjust according to capacity and workload.  Please note that date is not guaranteed until confirmed by a helicopter company. If registered  booking request date has not been possible to be confirmed by a helicopter company, you must a register a new date on  www.helikopter.flights . The entered date and time of a booking request is not changeable by holder once registered. If the holder of a gift card has registered a valid date on www.helikopter.flgithts , and it has not been possible to carry out the trip within the validity period , payment is refunded in accordance with the  condition and terms. The terms for refund is that registration to use the card has been registered on a valid date and with a valid name and email of the user of the card on www.helikopter.flights at least 4 weeks prior to the expiration date , and that user up to the expiration date has not been offered any seat(s) at any location on helicopter.flights at any day and time  of the week. Helikopter Flights has the right, but not an obligation to extend an offer of alternativ flight beyond the expiration date. The Gift Certificate from www.Helikopter.Flights is to be understood as a document of proof that gives the named holder a right to a defined helicopter transport within the timeframe of 12 months from the date of registered payment. Gift Certificates are issued for a minimum of one person, and a maximum of five. The tours are operated from helicopter base locations noted in the description of the tours. If purchased Gift Certificate is issued for a number of people that is less than the seat capacity of the helicopters at location, the tour will commence only when all seats are occupied by other gift certificate holders or other paying passengers. It is the user's own responsibility to verify the seat capacity of relevant helicopter(s). Gift certificates are valid for flights in daylight all days.  The Gift Certificate is not a physical object or item of independent value. If the gift certificate is lost, a new certificate can be issued. The right to the transport represented by the certificate expires twelve months after purchase. The ownership and use is limited to the name specified and is not transferable. Payment by credit card or PayPal may charge a fee which is specified and added automatically as handling and shipping. Booking registration requests for Gift Certificate tours must be entered through the Gift Certificate option on www.helikopter.flights only. For Gift Certificates that are issued for fewer passengers than the seat capacity in the helicopter on tour  location, registration of booking request must still go through www.helikopter.flights portal in order to match with other holders of same  gift certificates. When all seats in the helicopter have been reserved, you will be notified with the schedule of the flight. If a notification of the tour is received and the schedule is rejected, the certificate is marked as consumed and invalid. The buyer is accepting these terms by purchasing a Gift Certificate through www.helikopter.flights. The user and holder of a gift certificate valid for fewer passengers than seat capacity of the helicopter on location has the sole risk that no other passengers become available during the validity of the certificate. There is therefore no refund for unconsumed certificates in such cases. Helicopter companies may change the time and date of booking according to capacity and availability.  If the helicopter company located where the tour is departing from no longer is in operation or does not have the helicopter type relevant for the seat configuration if  requested, helikopter Flights has the right to transfer to tour to another helicopter base location and for the same duration. If booking of a Gift Certificate tour is delayed to the last possible day of validity of the twelve month period, there will be no refund or compensation if there is no available helicopter that day, or if weather does not permit flying. Booking and flying the tour must both be within the validity period.  Gift Certificates are not subject to; in any circumstance to be extended in validity beyond 12 months from purchase. If a holder of a Gift Certificate has registered a booking request for a tour and does not show up for the flight, the rights represented by the certificate is consumed. There is no compensation or refund. The purchase of Gift Certificates is initiated by the purchaser's sole discretion and independent decision, and not as a result of being contacted by any external sales representative. The certificate is the holder's proof of a flight option, that at the time of purchase concludes an agreement of a defined transport service by helicopter at the first available date accepted by the helicopter company on location, and within the limits of a defined timeframe of twelve months from purchase. The purchaser acknowledge and accepts these terms at time of purchase. Furthermore, the purchaser acknowledges and accepts that the time of fulfilment for the helicopter transport that the certificate represents, is not open in time or unspecified. Open Gift certificates with no name is unvalid, and must be repurchased before a refund can take place. Repurchase is 50% of the original purchase price The certificate is personal and ownership can not be transferred or sold to other individuals or legal entities. There is no refund on Gift Certificates.