Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Waiting time on ground

The helicopter is an expensive means of transport and needs to be in the air as much as possible when weather permits.
Hence , if you as a client plans to fly helicopter which requires landings other than at the helicoptercompany base, waiting time may apply.

When, entering your information in order to get a quote, please be observant to this, and enter expected landings and number of minutes on ground. Faulure to enter this, may increase your final payment to helicopterompany.

Waiting time on ground will however not exceed rates below

Helicoptertype 1-2 hours ( per hour ) 2-6 hours ( per.hours) 12 hours Per 24 hours.
Robinson 44 700,- 700,- 7.000,- 10.000,-
EC 120  1.200 1.000,- 9.000,- 15.000,-
AS350 2.000,- 2.000.- 20.000,- 24.000,-

All NOK and excl. vat tax.

If helicopter ground time on sling operations occurs, the same rates apply.   
Helicopter Ground time on sling operationss may be charged and is included in the quote if applicable.