helicopter charter - Terms and Conditions

Legal Notices I

Registered Owner, Conditions of use, Accessing the Website, Reliance on information posted, Our liability, Changes to the Website, Viruses, hacking and other offences

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Legal Notice II

Linking to the Website Third party websites,  Uploading material to the Website, General, Acceptable use policy , Prohibited uses

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Notice of intellectual property rights, Interactive services

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Content standards,  Suspension and termination

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Sightseeing tours and single seat requests

Single seat booking requests are possible on www.helikopter.flights

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Helicopter companies receiving the Booking Request

The helikopter.flights portal sole purpose is to provide  suggestions to helicopter sightseeing routes , calculate taxi flights and cargo operations and provide a system to send booking request to helicopter companies in the region. 

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PayPal Payment and opening a claim

The booking fee of 10% is the payment for using the portal. It is not part of the payment for the flight.  You accept and agree that the booking fee of 10% 
cannot be clamied refunded by PayPal on the reason of service not delivered.

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Taxi Flights

The price of helicopter taxi flight services depends on the type of helicopter and duration of the flight. Read more on how pricing is calculated.

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Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

Helicopter Sightseeing tours have a fixed price. The route and duration may vary depending on weather conditions.

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Helicopter Sling Load Operations

Helicopter Sling Load Operations prices are for the actual flying. Ground personnel, preparing and securing materials for lifting and landing fees are specified in Total Price.

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Helicopter Landing Site

In order to land with the helicopter  outside of a public airport, you need permission from the owner of the ground. Certain requirements apply.

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Gift Certificates - Terms & Conditions

Important information for the lucky receiver of a helicopter Gift Certificate! Flying is dependent on availability and weather conditions.

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Weight of Passengers & Baggage

Please note that helicopters are sensitive to weight. This is why approximate weight is needed for price calculations.

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Flights at night or in darknes

Most onshore civilian helicopters are single engine and certified for flyiging in daylight only.  Flying in darknes  requieres twin engine helicopter.

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Transport of larger groups

Helicopter transport of groups of 10 passengers or more .


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Interupted Helicopter Flights

When a helicopter flight is interupted , Helikoptercomany may arrange alternative transport.

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Booking Requests

You can send booking requests for  helicopter hire and tours on-line any time.  Just enter all data requested in calculators.

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Permissions & Restrictions

Helicopter Landing permission from landowner is requiered outside airports. This is a general regulation. However, there are more factors to consider.

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Questions on Terms and Conditions

If any part of out terms and conditions is unclear, or you have questions , please contact us through the feedback button before proceeding to payment, unless your question(s) is  answered in Frequenty  Asked Question (FAQ)


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Insurance & Safety

Aviation authorities require insurance on helicopter, baggage, passengers, crew and 3rd. party coverage. Sling operations have separate regulations.

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Payment for helicopter rental

Payment of helictopter services are directly to helicopter operator according to their terms and price calculated.   Giftcertificates  payments are deposits for tours under certain conditions..

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Weather & Technical obstacles

Circumstances  outside helicoptercompanys control and influence may occur. Weather is unpredictable, and technical issues may stop a flight.

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Aerial photography from helicopter

Takeing pictures from the helicopter , has restrictions in some countries.  Photoes for private use only and taken from a chrtered aircraft like helicopter is allowed.

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Waiting time on ground

Helicopters are very costly machinery, and needs to be in the air as much as possible.  Waiting time on ground may therefore apply.

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Cancellations & Changes

What if you want to cancel your helicopter booking or change to another time or date.  Here are the terms.:

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Booking Fee

The booking fee is 10%  of the transaction amount

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Registering and use of information collected
Missions are performed by certified helicopter companies. It is important for Helicopter Flights Ltd. that companies have all the information about customers that is conveyed .
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